"If everyone had the integrity and exhibited the passion for the music business the way Dan does, the industry would be much better for it. A true friend and amazing businessman who builds relationships based on trust. Artists who work with Dan are not a commodity but real people working to achieve real dreams."
KFAV 99.9 - Mike Thomas, Kaspar Media

“Dan is passionate about music and people. That's what makes him so good at what he does. Truly one of the good guys in the business that you can trust has good intentions and backs it up with result.”
KTHK 105.5– Don Jarrett, Riverbend Communications

"One of the best radio guys in the business and happens to be one of my best friends forever."
Love and Blessings,
Preshias Harris - Development Consultant, Journalist, Member of ASCAP, BMI, CMA, NARAS, NATD

"A friend closer than a brother. Thank you for always being there."
God Bless,
Jerry Cupit, President/CEO of Cupit Entertainment

"I always look forward to the opportunity to work with Dan. He has a wealth of knowledge about the recording and entertainment business. Dan runs a smooth ship and is always professional."
Steve Holland - Professional Nashville Studio Musician

"Dan is a consummate pro: hardworking and absolutely trustworthy."
Dug Grieves - Professional Nashville Studio Musician

"Throughout my 29 years as a professional musician, I've been in dozens of studios and working with Dan is always an impressive experience. Everyone feels 100% confident that the session is going to run smoothly and at a very professional level. Dan gives that extra attention and care to every part of a client's session. But Dan's genius goes beyond managing a studio with top list professionals: he's genuinely great with people and knows how to make sure everybody feels comfortable with their work so that everyone leaves happy with the finished product - especially the client. He is exceptionally good to songwriters who are serious about recording, even if they can't afford it yet, which is part of what makes him just an all-around great guy to get involved with. I love tracking for Dan and will always recommend him."
Tom D'Angelo - Professional Nashville Studio Musician